How to Succeed as a Short Model!

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How to Succeed as a Short Model!

Think you’re too short to be a model? Think again. The modeling industry has tossed aside its strict height requirements for both male and female models and is now embracing smaller models (not to mention models of any size, age, and ethnicity too!). Instead of focusing on how tall a model is, modeling agencies are focusing on the whole package: beauty, fitness, personality, professionalism, and so much more.

Many smaller models (the modeling industry prefers to use the term “small” rather than “petite”) have found great success in the industry. You’ve heard of Kate Moss, of course. At just 5’ 8’’, she’s been an unstoppable force since she was first discovered way back in 1988. Even her little sister Lottie, who’s only 5’ 5’’, signed on with Kate’s agency, Storm Model Management.

Do remember that some industries will be harder to break into—high fashion and runway do tend to favor taller models—but that doesn’t mean your modeling dreams will never come true. There are plenty of other petite modeling jobs that don’t require the stereotypical height requirements of fashion models. From swimsuit and lingerie to hand, feet, and parts modeling, here are a few ways to break into the modeling industry, no matter your height.

Swimsuit Modeling

When it comes to swimsuit modeling, a fit, curvaceous body with a great booty is more important than height. If you have a toned, yet feminine figure, along with beautiful skin, teeth, and hair, you may find your place in the swimsuit modeling industry.

Lingerie and Underwear Modeling

Just like swimsuit models, lingerie models need to be fit and healthy and have a womanly figure. They don’t need to be as voluptuous and sensual as Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, but they do need to be attractive and comfortable with their bodies.